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The manga translation is more accurate—Killua says "We’re the ones who are killing!", which explains Alluka’s power more effectively. Alluka isn’t the one doing the killing—the ones who make the wishes are the ones responsible for the killing. Alluka is a child gifted—or cursed?—with this wish-granting power that naturally comes with a price to pay. A backfire. A backlash. Alluka was a child when they discovered her power, and instead of teaching her about it as she grew older, instead of teaching her how to control it and helping her learn about what’s right and wrong, they locked her away like she’s a monstrosity and let her mind freeze on a child’s mentality. And worse of all, Silva here accuses her of killing people, when he should know that it wasn’t technically her fault and like any child, she didn’t know better. She didn’t know what she was capable of. The ones who asked for life-altering wishes despite knowing very well that it’d result in death of other people; the ones who perfectly knew about the equivalent exchange rule and still went for their own selfish demands; the ones who put people in Alluka’s way in order to test them like you do guinea pigs, are the true killers here. Not Alluka. It’s technicality, but the Zoldycks don’t care about that. But Killua does, not only because he’s more compassionate towards Alluka than the rest of his family is, but also because he doesn’t see everything as either black or white the way they do.

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